Reinvent applicant shortlisting

Streamline early-stage applicant evaluation through personalised
conversations with an AI interviewer
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Shortlisting applicants is
and inefficient


of HR professionals believe that  unconscious bias exists in recruitment

– BrigthTALK


of employees have lied about skills, experience, or references in their resume

– HRO Today


of talent acquisition leaders find applicant screening as the most time-consuming task

– Vultus inc. automates tedious validation calls while increasing applicant insights

Using the latest AI technology,




applicants through anonymised and human-like interview conversations from which it generates detailed applicant profiles, highlighting top performers, enabling recruiters to make truly data-driven decisions and accurately narrow the recruitment funnel at an early stage

How it works interviews applicants based on their documentation and your calibration, providing you deep applicant insights enabling precise data-driven shortlisting

01 Prepping for the interview

The employer calibrates by selecting certain focus areas for the interview based on your specific needs for the position

02 Getting to know the applicants analyses applicant documentation against your custom focus areas to prepare for a highly personlised interview

03 Let’s chat! has human-like, interactive interview conversations with applicants allowing them to express themselves more naturally and nuanced compared to traditional cover letters or screening surveys

04 Discover the depths of your applicants

Based on the interview. summarises applicant insights in detailed profiles with scoring across your custom focus areas which will be presented in a customisable dashboard

05 Narrow the field intelligently

Leverage nuanced insights and easy-to-compare profiles to swiftly select top applicants to invite for in-person interviews

Key benefits for your business

Reduce hours spent on validating calls

Ensures sufficient data to validate the individual’s skill set in the entire pool of applicants without the need for an initial call

Increase applicant insights

Proivdes intelligent applicant insights across several crucial and customisable criteria enabling truly data-driven shortlisting

Support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Enables full applicant annonymisation to support an inclusive recruitment process

Avoid scheduling calls

Enables  applicants to undertake the interview whenever and wherever it is most suitable without the need for scheduling calls

Streamline applicant shortlisting

Fast & easy setup

Plug’n’play solution with minimal setup for standalone platform and optionality to calibrate tool to fit your specific requirements.

Efficient applicant shortlisting

Comprehensive overview of applicant insights enabling efficient benchmarking and evaluation of entire talent pool.

Seamless ATS integration is can seamlessly integrate with your ATS ensuring that insights follow the applicant throughout your recruitment process.